10 Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Mother’s Day: A Special Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show appreciation for the most important woman in your life than with a timeless piece of jewelry? Whether it’s a symbol of love, gratitude, or simply a beautiful accessory, jewelry has a unique way of expressing emotions. For the occasion, we’ve curated a list of stunning jewelry pieces that are sure to make your mother’s heart skip a beat on her special day.


For the mother with the cool style and a little bit of edge, Jade Trau is the perfect designer for her. After a decade of dealing with the art of diamonds, Jade harnessed her years of experience to break the rules and create a new sense of individuality that pushes the boundaries of designs into something more authentic and personal. She has created a path for a new style for jewelry – one that juxtaposes vintage silhouettes with a modern sensibility to present a new kind of classic.  Every Jade Trau piece is a reimagined, timeless design and crafted in the heart of New York City.


For the mothers that appreciate the artisan touch and craftsmanship. The Bali-based brand, John Hardy, established in 1975, is known for its authentic, nature-inspired crafts. Each piece is made by hand using traditional Balinese techniques: woven chain, woven mesh, granulation and cut work. The style is rooted in Indonesian style, and we expect it will be coveted for centuries to come. Layer these understated adornments for a look that is uniquely yours.


For the Parisian Chic Mom. Messika is a design house that is fashion forward, embodies a free spirit and is catered to confident women. With a heavy focus on diamonds, Messika offers jewelry that brings strength and confidence to take ones ambitions even further with it’s Avant Garde end edgy style. A jewelry line that is designed as powerful fashion creation.


For the trendy and contemporary mom. A jewelry brand that creates pieces for wherever life takes you. PDPAOLA believes that jewelry should reflect your personal journey and accompany you through every twist and turn. Their pieces are designed to be versatile, adaptable, and enduring, so one can wear them effortlessly day or night. They strive to create jewelry that seamlessly blends into everyday life and will become an expression of your individuality. “For us jewelry is a powerful tool of self-expression, and our pieces are designed to enable each individual to tell their unique story”. PDPAOLA is committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary jewelry design. We draw inspiration from the world around us, blending timeless elegance with modern elements to create pieces that transcend seasons, reflecting the effortless sophistication that is at the very core of our brand.


For the quieter mom who appreciates ethics and sustainability and luxury. A design house based in Los Angeles, Spinelli understands that each piece of jewelry reflects their values, with their investment in sustainability at the forefront. “Sustainability is central to our mission to create unique bespoke fine jewelry pieces that are ethically sourced, constructed, and delivered. We continually adopt the best sustainability practices as they become available, strengthening our commitment to creative integrity grounded in social responsibility”. Each piece of Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry is handcrafted locally in Downtown Los Angeles by a small team of artisans and delivered in ethically sourced packaging. Our supply chain reflects our respect for the planet and for the individuals who contribute to our company. By working closely with our suppliers, using recycled metals, and prioritizing low carbon emissions, we ensure that each piece of our jewelry is scrutinized under a strict rubric from conception to completion.


For the fun mom that loves to add a little bit of flair to her personal style. Inspired by nature and with the heart of Brazil at heart, Graziella mixes old-world craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Graziela Kaufman was surrounded by the local gemological treasures from an early age. Traveling to different mining towns, she learned firsthand about the great gifts Mother Earth provides and the environmental obligations that come with them. From these experiences, Graziela gleaned the importance of knowing the origin of every gemstone, to ensure responsible sourcing and the use of conflict-free stones – she brings this approach to every piece of jewelry designed and crafted by Graziela. Inspired by her Italian jeweler grandfather to strive for perfection in every bejeweled creation, Graziela intertwines the natural beauty of gemstones with elegant, original designs


For the mom that carries that” je ne sais quoi” Parisian essence. Imagine radiant jewelry, uninhibited and colorful… For the love of beauty, of course, while respecting the traditional Parisian savoir-faire which they feel entitle to perpetuate. The craftsmanship is a focus point at Viltier. Every creation is uniquely handmade in their Parisian atelier by the most talented artisan. Each step of the creation is carefully framed by the expert duo: From the drawings meticulously realized by Iris to the rigorous selection of stones and materials supervised by Thomas, everything is in the detail.


Lizzie Mandler

For the more low-key mom that prefers to rock solid gold and classic designs. Inspired to create designs that become an inherent part of one’s own personal narrative, Mandler’s designs are at once timeless and time-specific. Imagining classic motifs through her singular, modern lens. It’s her unexpected design direction, including her now signature knife-edge detail, that has earned her industry recognition.


For the romantic mom who is fond of memories and cherishing special moments. Monica is known for her lockets, a piece that is modern and timeless. They hold your stories, whether as images or words. You share that hidden story if you choose to. And you can fill your lockets anytime, anywhere using her Locket Bar. Monica designs jewelry that is not only beautiful, but empowering. Her mission is to create pieces that will empower you, inspire you, tell your story and make you stronger.


Yeprem Ear Cuff

For the mom that loves a little bit of sparkle, a little bit of drama. A design house with a strong foundation on their legacy, Yeprem has created artistic pieces that have caused a revolution in the design industry.  Yeprem is a ʺCouturierʺ in the world of jewelry, that started what would not only become a true success story, but also a family affair. A visionary artist who truly understands the power of beauty, Yeprem illustrates savoir-faire and wearable art with the finest gems, catering to all individuals. Their designs are artistic and intricate pieces that are covered with gorgeous diamonds creating this dramatic and alluring style that catches everybody’s attention.