Anthony Lent

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Anthony Lent is an internationally recognized master jeweler and designer. His highly detailed, unconventional style reflects the distinctive merging of exquisite, Old World craftsmanship with a highly personal, idiosyncratic vision. A true artist, Lent's training, experience, and attention to detail are the foundations of his work and of his unique ability to combine sophistication with irreverence. Over the past four decades, Lent has found inspiration in sculptural figures, celestial bodies, human faces, and creatures both fabled and feared. From this variety of models and images, and with the touch of his own personality and intuition, he continues to develop the dominant motifs that appear throughout the collections. Indivisible from the detailed metalwork of the designs is their imaginative integration with diamonds and other precious gemstones. They adorn his pieces on all sides, bringing a sculptural dimension to his work with a virtuosity few designers are able to accomplish. His work is designed and handcrafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.