Melinda Risk

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My ideas come from nature and my life experiences. My subject matter varies from birds and bugs to dolls, music and lyrics, spirituality and infinitely more. I capture the beauty of each idea by selecting outstanding characteristics to tell a story. Beauty and craft are always at the top of my agenda. Each piece has its own personality as it is designed and created by hand. Slight variations in color and placement of enamel and gemstones also add to the individuality of all my work. My designs blur the lines between art and craft, which renders each work into a piece of sculpture that happens to be wearable. I translate my ideas into a visually pleasing story by blending archival quality with creative engineering combining gold, silver, wood, porcelain, diamonds and gemstones. It is my belief that art requires an understanding and an ability to create with excellent craftsmanship as expressed in my metal techniques of fabricating, casting, forging, enameling, granulation and carving. As I work, one idea leads to the next from incorporating porcelain to crushed rose petals. At times I break tradition as I push boundaries with my design and techniques, but during the creative process I respect the past with great attention given to traditional techniques. My degree in jewelry/metals from Kent State University was combined with a minor in graphic design. This formal education forms the base of the pyramid of my ever-expanding repertoire of technique and craftsmanship.